Use exporters to convert your InqScribe transcript file to other text formats that can be read by other software applications.

NOTE: Some exporters may be folded into InqScribe in the future and no longer available here.

Labs Exporters

These are the exporters currently available on the labs site. Click "Show built-in export formats" for more information on exporters built-into InqScribe.


Recommended workflows based on what you're trying to do.

If you want to... ...use this exporter
Import subtitles into Avid Media Composer Avid DS Exporter
Import subtitles into Avid DS Avid DS Exporter
Upload subtitles to Facebook SubRip for Facebook
Create subtitle sequences in Final Cut Pro 7 FCP 7 Export
Create subtitle sequences in Final Cut Pro X FCP X Support
Add captions to Premiere SubRip for Premiere Pro CC
Import subtitles into Vimeo WebVTT for Vimeo (recommended), or SubRip
Export plain text (no formatting) to Word Plain Text for Word
Upload subtitles to YouTube Subrip or WebVTT for YouTube

Looking for an application that is not on the list? Make a suggestion on our Support Page!