Sample Files

Sample InqScribe transcripts and videos to help you get started using InqScribe.

Mac Users: You might need to use Ctrl-Click and choose "Download Link As..." or "Save Link As..." to download the mp3, mp4, and xml files.

Windows Users: You might need to use Right-Click and choose "Save target as..." to download mp3, mp4, and xml files.

Video Test Files

Sample files to test video playback

If you're having trouble playing back media, test your system with these files. Download a video, create a new InqScribe transcript, and open the videos to check playback.

Mac Users: Ctrl-click the link and select "Save As".

Windows Users: Right-click the link and select "Save As..."

  • .mov (7.3MB)
    For testing your QuickTime installation. If you want to test subtitling, use a .mov. Also useful for testing Fast Foward and Rewind with foot pedals.
  • .wmv (13.9MB)
  • .mp4 (3.1MB)
  • High Data Rate MP4 (9MB)
    This is a high data rate MP4 file that is useful for testing the limits of your computer. It is high resolution (1920x1024) and highly compressed.

InqScribe Transcripts

Full InqScribe transcripts and video for testing InqScribe features.

Final Cut Pro 7

FCP 7 project files for testing subtitle export and import.

  • Full FCP 7 example project (6.8MB Zip)
    Including InqScribe transcript, video sources, and FCP 7 project file
  • Example Exported XML file (2k)
    Subtitle XML file exported from InqScribe and ready to import as a sequence into FCP 7. The subtitles are from the Introductory Video project. Grab the movie from the "InqScribe Intorductory Video Transcript Example".
  • Default XML Template (2k)
    Template file that defines the format of XML exported from InqScribe. For import into FCP 7. This is the same XML Template provided in InqScribe